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Cercavo una alternativa al pachidermico AR DC. Mi sto trovando bene, leggera e veloce, una buona toolbar personalizzabile. Si forse manca della possibilità di ridimensionare la lettura a larghezza pagina. La consiglio è un buon strumento.

non male ma nella versione free poco e niente

Manca la possbilità di creare un sommario personalizzto che è la cosa più utile, possono essre solo messe neote colorate, non male. Quindi senza la versione Pro si fa veramente poco. La disintallo.


Applicazione facile da utilizzare. Converte i file pdf in word in modo quasi fedele all’originale. La versione a pagamento risulta troppo costosa per quello che offre, questa versione gratuita invece è fatta discretamente, sicuramente migliorabile. Complimenti comunque per il lavoro svolto.


Ottima app

Così così

Apre piuttosto bene i files ma manca la possibilità di renderlo di default

Ottima per essere Free

Una delle migliori applicazioni Free che ho provato. Complimenti per la compressione dei file PDF

Diversi utilizzi...

La compressione del file per risparmiare spazio funziona. Non ho provato le altre caratteristiche.


Ho appena cominciato a usarlo, sembra ottimo. Vedro’ meglio piu avanti. Per intanto 4 stelle. Franco


Davvero un ottimo strumento. Agile lettura dei PDF e utilissime le funzionalità merge, split.

Ok Bravi

Ottimo ed indispensabile per il mio Mac

Buona applicazione, rapida e leggera...

Forse un po’ carente negli strumenti di editing dei PDF almeno rispetto ad altri PDF reader a cui ero abituato su MS Windows. Mi manca, rispetto ad Acrobat Reader, la possibilità di ridimensionare al volo la visualizzazione sulla larghezza del documento o sulla pagina intera, ma forse è possibile una personalizzazione della toolbar che non ho ancora provato. Ottima la possibilità di ruotare con un solo comando tutte le pagine del documento o solo quella in primo piano. Comunque lo consiglio vivamente. +++++

buon prodotto

buon prodotto



very complicated to just post a few notes & comments

Installed the app and was immediately overwhelmed by the complexity to create a comment box and add some text into it


It’s just a PDF reader unless you pay for more. Can get the same free from Adobe. It’s just a way to advertise their paid version. Not worth downloading.

Anything more than basic functionality is costly

Tried this as Preview wouldn’t easily allow me to insert a photo into a pdf. Can’t do this or import anything else without upgrading. Without upgrading I don’t see any functionality that isn’t already in Preview, with a more complicated interface, as well as annoying banner ads (which don’t work but obscure the document. Opening another document created by another program resulted in a jumbled mess of two layers with a loss of formatting- basically a useless document. I thought I could avoid reinstalling Acrobat which I have from a previous laptop (installation involves going through Adobe’s licensing/activation hassles) but I guess not. Deleted app.

Great but one suggestion

It’s great except there’s no search feature.

As Advertised

This does what I want it to do whih is scan documents and let me file on computer

Don’t download this

I want to add text to a PDF. I click the T icon to add text. Nothing works. Nothing happens. It’s free, but a total waste of time.

Does Everything

I’m so glad I found this app. Works well and is extremely powerful considering it is offered FREE!

conversion to Word is a joke

the conversion to word simply scan each page on the PDF file and place it on word as image !!

Not as advertised

needed something quick to convert PDF to word. Exports to RTF and similar formats, not MS Word. Word could not view the resulting files.

Crashes Immediately

Downloaded this onto my new mac and it crashes immediately. Tried multiple pdfs. Pass.

perfect if free

This App could get a 5 star if it’s payment status remain FREE !;;;

Super Nice App

I needed a free app to manipulate pdf documents. I found this one and it works really well for what I need.

Good App

It’s a really good app for use.

Got bugs

Got limitation, The highlight doesn’t work.

Signatures are very frustrating on the free edition

It lags horribly (and all other applications on my computer work fine.) you can only save one signature and you can’t edit it or even start over again once you save. I can’t even insert a photo of an existing signature. It’s not worth my time. I have an app on my phone that is way better.

Unclear why this free version exists

The free version of this app is just a basic PDF viewer, with a worse UI than Preview – none of the pro features can be tried out in any significant way. So I’m unclear why this exists. It’s Preview, but with ads.

Great Free App

I’m not a power user by any stretch of the imagination. But I find the editing tools very comprehensive and easy to use. I read some of the other recent reviews where problems were encountered and I share the general opinions around advertisements. However I don’t begrudge the Developers from making an honest living. I will certainly explore the application’s features and make a decisions whether to upgrade or not.

Really great tool

This is very good and the only fault I can find with it at the time of writing this is that there is no tool for me to rotate pages of pdfs that I open within the app. Other than that, terrific app.

bought to fill in forms - and doesn’t work!!!

I’d like my money back please! I paid for the lifetime subscription specifically to fill in forms! Doesn’t work - can’f find anything in help. I’d like my money back!


This app is terrfiic. I have used it to edit PDF files for months and love it.

Not free , right away tries to sell you

Not Free if you want to do useful things like split a PDF doc … free version is useless!!! just a way to get you in to buy a subscription! NEXT!


Especially if you have muliple pdf or jpeg files that you want to combine into one pdf. not working at all, make you purchase the app. totally wasted my time.

Completely Unresponsive Support

I purchased the “upgrade” on august 29, 2017 and was not able to find out how to activate the subscription version. The free version still opens and keeps asking me to upgrade. I have sent three emails to their support asking how to activate my subscription and never get a response. I went to the Pro app page to write a review and they said i couldn’t review because I did not buy the upgrade from an apple app store (I did and have the email to prove it). I believe both PDF Reader Pro and Apple are complicit in ripping off the purchaser.


very good tool to use

bad program

Very bad program it is not worth and the dollar tried to work in one document and wrote on top of the line

good app

nice app, easy to use and powerful function.

Awesome PDF Reader

So easy to use, incredible

Tricks you at purchase point

It’s not really free! You download it and find out that nothing you want to do can be done for free. You can’t try it out. It has tricky ways to eek out 5 star ratings so it looks like its a great app. I had to buy another app to uninstall the “free” version from my Mac.


Seems good. I use it every week, but still haven’t dug into it’s full capacity. Thinking about buying now…the ad is annoying.



update at end of July 2017 now has pop up ads at the bottom.

EDIT: 8/1/17: recent update injected ads which considering it is free, I can’t legitimately complain. That said, I wish I hadn’t updated. Old review: I’d fall into a light user, for some docs & and eTextBooks. I don’t utilize all types of editing these pdf readers can provide, just simple glossary, search, highlight, notes, bookmarks, etc. This has more features than I’ll even use, so I’m very happy with it, especially considering it was free. Layout is also very nice. Thanks!

Great App

It is a very intuitive application. It does all what they promise.

Didn’t work

Instead of a .docx file, I got this Microsoft Error Reporting log version: 2.0 Error Signature: Exception: EXC_BAD_ACCESS Date/Time: 2017-06-23 18:32:39 +0000 Application Name: Microsoft Word Application Bundle ID: com.microsoft.Word Application Signature: MSWD Application TimeStamp: 0x566444b1 Application Version: Crashed Module Name: CoreGraphics Crashed Module Version: Crashed Module Offset: 0x0005b983 Blame Module Name: WLMGraphicsDevice Blame Module Version: Blame Module TimeStamp: 0x56644408 Blame Module Offset: 0x000000000001a285 StachHash: ffffb74b Application LCID: 1033 Extra app info: Reg=en Loc=0x0409

Not Helpful

This version only lets you merge 2 PDF files.

The Best

The Best bar none!

Great PDF Functionality

This pdf app is a great find. I downloaded it to customize the highlight colors for pdfs I am reading. It seems to have all the functionality that the now defunct Skim had. Highly recommended.

Excellent functionallity for FREE

I downloaded this free PDF reader primarily for its additional functionality. I love the fact that I can convert up to 10 pages of a pdf to a word document. Most other converting programs only let you convert 1 or 2 pages for free, but 10 pages gets much more of what I need done. After conversion the formating comes out exactly the same (with minor exceptions when dealing with pdfs that have multiple columns of text per page) as the original pdf. The formatting does make excessive use of line breaks, page breaks, and indented lines, but all of those things just help to make it look like the pdf on each page. A great product! My only complaint is that the page range feature under the conversion tool only seems to work for the first 10 pages, otherwise you have to manually click the arrows to get to the correct page numbers that you want to convert.

Adding Passwords

I use this app for one thing and one thing only: passwords. You can easily password-protect PDF files from printing and/or copying.

Keeps on Quitting Unexpectedly

Everytime I try to insert a file into the document in order to merge them, this app keeps quitting resulting in los of any progress made. Extremely frustrating!

nice free app

what i am looking for is to find a pdf tool that can add more anotations than preview. But it can’t convert pdf to many other formats, even doc.

Description Lies

no way to compress PDF.

A Great PDF Application For Business or Persoanl Use

I've used the free version for several months and love the functionality. The GUI is very niice and easy to use. I read a lot of technical data, Im a photographer and electronics tinker, so I mjust keep up with current info. I annotate most of what I read and PDF reader really shines om this area. I gave the app 4 stars only due to the cost. I use the app a lot but have a hard time deciding to put out $45. so far it meets my needs as a free app. I no longer work, RETIRED, but if I was still working I would probably pay the price. Fanstastic App


Can do very little, cannot edit text, not worth even being free. DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS CRAP

Really Good App

I just use it to open PDF’s copy and paste and it works great.

Just buy the Pro Version

Plan on purchasing the $50 pro version if you want any of the features they highlight in this free version.

Combines docs as advertised

Combines docs as advertised, using another app (PDF Page Clipper) to reorder the docs. Free version fulfills my basic needs.

Helpful for reading

I usually using this app to read books. It is very easy to underline, highlight and add comments. I love it. It improved my study efficiency a lot!

Great PDF Reader!

This a very nice app for the price of ‘free’. Although there are a plethora of similar apps, this one has some of the features I need. I simply have to foind out how to make it the default PDF reader. Other than that, it does what is says and does it pretty well. Since upgrading to iOS, the former reader kept crashing. This one? So far. So good.

This app does not function

Hasn't been updated in 1.5 years. None of the features work.

Can’t rearrange pages

Can add to a pdf, but can’t rearrange the pages.

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