PDF Reader Pro Free - All-in-One PDF Office App Reviews

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Two Thumbs UP!

this is what i waiting for! thank you very much!! Two Thumbs UP!!

Unreliable app

Used this app in a very important lecture. Notes were not saved when the file was saved. Multiple hours of important work were lost due to an unreliable app. Do not risk your work in this app.

It is a good product

I have been using it and found it is user friendly. I will recommend anyone to try it.


Fa quel che dice ed è free….

good app

I use this app all the time to open my PDF files. i like it a lot!

It doesn’t work

Don’t waste your money on this product.

why cant you default scrolling options?

This is a great PDF reader with one flaw: everytime you open up the program, it goes back to single page reading. You have to change this setting everytime if you want to freely scroll your PDF. Why wont it remember the last settings you used and make them default? I have no idea. It’s really annoying and if they don’t change this, it isn’t worth my time.


It is very convenient while using the software. I recommend it to other people.

Took me only minutes to learn.

This app is easy to learn and use. Everything works as advertised.

Don’t need Acrobat

I downloaded this just to get some functionality while trying to figure out how to get Acrobat 9 to work. Now I don’t need to. This program gives me the notes, rotating, insert, and delete I have always used. Thanks!

Great App

This is an Essential App as Preview is just too Generic for me.

Great Program

I’m a home user, but come from a business background. I find the program easy to use. I meets all of my PDF needs. It’s my go to program.

Super Convenient PDF Reader with Great Features

I’m busy reading PDFs so I’ll keep my review short: PDF Reader Pro is great. I love how it makes words on PDFs susceptible to Look Up.

Great free app!

I am mainly using this app for merging and spliting PDF files. It’s competely free, and I have been using it for several months, never had any issues! This is a great app!



Adds PDF Files

I needed something that adds PDF files together, one after the other, and this does it. Ignore the splash screen and go directly to the Menu bar to find the interface. The Insert command is way off to the right.

Edit PDF?

This program says it can edit a pdf. My question is how? I could not select a line of text to change it, even after saving a copy of the document to test. I am glad it is free, it is worth exactly what I paid for it.


Great application to study or read; with exellent functions view to do it. this app is the most reliable PDF reader. Love it. Thanks to do my study way easy.


This is a useless link to purchase the PDF Pro for 49.99. Terrible that Apple would allow this on there APP store.

What a mess!

The toolbar is a mess. No obvious way to fill an existing form. List of features seems to refer to the paid version. Its conversin to docx is useless. All of the formatting is lost.

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