PDF Reader Pro-Free Edition App Reviews

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good app

I use this app all the time to open my PDF files. i like it a lot!

It is a good product

I have been using it and found it is user friendly. I will recommend anyone to try it.


Fa quel che dice ed è free….

It doesn’t work

Don’t waste your money on this product.

Unreliable app

Used this app in a very important lecture. Notes were not saved when the file was saved. Multiple hours of important work were lost due to an unreliable app. Do not risk your work in this app.

Two Thumbs UP!

this is what i waiting for! thank you very much!! Two Thumbs UP!!



Nice App!

I like this app, simple and nice looking, easy to read PDF.


Can’t convert, without “Pro”.

Convert only parts of the document.

Converts very well, adds arrows, text boc, annotation all good. But it only converts the 7 first pages out of 42 be it a Word conversion or Text conversion, regardless of the page displayed. Page separations are not respected. Waiting for help support and will let you know. UPDATE: I cut the 42 pages in chunks of 7 and converted them all ! Thank you. Was a bit long but nice and sweet. 5 stars and free.

waste of time

wow, doesn’t work at all… wanted something that could split pdf files by pages. this doesnt work for that. kept getting error message “failed to…” for splitting and a couple other things i tried

it’s an useful app

I like this app because it provides alot of tools that help you to use highlight the important words and write notes in the file. I recommend to use this app easpecially students.

Great Program

I’m a home user, but come from a business background. I find the program easy to use. I meets all of my PDF needs. It’s my go to program.

Took me only minutes to learn.

This app is easy to learn and use. Everything works as advertised.


Unlike advertised, it doesn’t convert PDFs into Word, HTML or Anything Preview wouldnt


It is very convenient while using the software. I recommend it to other people.


It is very useful!


But it’d be great if it have tabs for opened documents. It’s a bit hard to track if there are couple of documents that you need to take a look at at once.

Don’t even try it.

Doesn’t work until you pay for pro. BS only...

why cant you default scrolling options?

This is a great PDF reader with one flaw: everytime you open up the program, it goes back to single page reading. You have to change this setting everytime if you want to freely scroll your PDF. Why wont it remember the last settings you used and make them default? I have no idea. It’s really annoying and if they don’t change this, it isn’t worth my time.

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